Online Training

ProTrainings Europe courses are usually offered in three different formats: online, blended and classroom. Each format presents the same information but through the different mediums. Each format, while having its own advantages and disadvantages, maintains the same high-quality standards of all courses.

Online Training

ProTrainings' e-learning courses are video based and not slide based. This puts the student with a qualified instructor having their best day, in a 1 on 1 setting. Training comes in short subject-based segments that are able to capture relevant environments as it pertains to the student. Each group of subjects then has a pre-test section where the student confirms comprehension. This is followed up by a scenario based test that not only challenges but remediates the student when an incorrect answer is given. Students are also able to train wherever and whenever they like and courses generally cost much less than traditional classroom courses.

Classroom Training

Classroom training has been the primary method of Health & Safety education for ages. classes are taught by certified instructors that maintain the highest standards. ProTrainings has hundreds of instructors across the United Kingdom who are able to adapt to any variety of training needs. In addition, ProTrainings provides Instructor training thru ITG Instructor Training, which allows companies to provide in-house classroom training. Some courses, such as HSE first aid at work, require the classroom format.

Blended Training

Blended learning is a combination of the traditional classroom and e-learning formats. Students will complete a part one segment through an e-learning course that will give them the vast majority of cognitive knowledge. Next, the student meets with a certified skill-evaluator or instructor to complete the part two segment, which contains the hands-on practical practice of the skill. This method of learning utilizes the learning advantages of both educational formats while providing increased flexibility and lower cost than a 100% classroom option.

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