Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
Fantastic course which has given me the skills to teach this important subject as well as run a successful business
Martin Barry,
Thank you for such a useful and informative course. I now feel confident to go out and set up my own business. Thank you
Janice Morrison
Having completed the first aid instructors course in November I would like to say that this was the most informative course I have ever attended, the reason being that Keith's adapted instruction was interactive and relaxed, I was never challenged negatively and was never under pressure in any way to recite what was taught to validate my learning.
Even the validation exam boosted your confidence in your knowledge retention

The pace was perfect for me, as it was for the other members of the course.The relaxed atmosphere also helped to foster relationship with the rest of the course to the point where we all keep contact, giving updates on how we are using our new found talents.

The course offered the basic grounding for teaching first aid at work and emergency first aid at work, as well as a more flexible approach to basic life saving and paediatric courses.Giving you the option to tailor to your clients needs.

The support offered is a brand new concept for me as I have always being involved in courses where they take your money give the what you paid for and leave you to it! ITG had other ideas they offered excellent support as well as contact details for you to text or email at any time! They aren't perfect but at least they are there as soon as they are free.For the student starting there own business there was support in the form of advice as well as material to use to enhance and promote your business.

At the end of the course you were left with the feeling that not only are ITG a professional company but also an innovative company that you can be proud to be affiliated with in the future

I would thoroughly recommend ITG to anyone looking to start their own first aid company, and this is based on discussions with other instructors who have trained with other companies and not getting anywhere near the support offered by ITG
Having recently attended an ITG Instructors course I can say without doubt that it was a learning experience, even as someone with 20yrs medical experience from military to NHS, I can say doing the full 5 days was worth it. I came away not only a better instructor but with a clear understanding of ITG's First Aid training methodology and will take this forward to my future training sessions. It has given me a better footing to expand in the right method my business.
Gary Cotterill, Wolverest Training
Thank you for the manikins, they arrived next day.

Excellent service

Dave Marshall

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